Premium Breakaway Halter - CLOSEOUT

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Halter with breakaway leather crown designed for use with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. Premium quality, soft to the touch nylon with durable felt-padded nose and breakaway leather crown. Unique throat latch is adjustable to fit many different head shapes, helping to keep the halter on even the trickiest "houdini." Center face strap stabilizes the halter and can be removed if desired. Made in the USA.

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SIZING: Not sure what size you need? Check out halter measurement chart below. We also have a tutorial video showing how to measure your horse for a halter. If you need the mini or small pony premium halter, click here

GG halter sizing chart


Premium Breakaway Halter - CLOSEOUT
Premium Breakaway Halter - CLOSEOUT
Premium Breakaway Halter - CLOSEOUT
Premium Breakaway Halter - CLOSEOUT
Premium Breakaway Halter - CLOSEOUT



GG vs Standard Halters

Why did we go to the trouble of developing and designing our own halters? Because we want horses to be as comfortable as possible in them. This video outlines what sets our halter apart from traditional ones.

Measure Your Horse For a Halter

A full, step-by-step video tutorial on how to measure your horse for the correct size GG Equine Premium Breakaway Haltter

What Part of the Halter is Breakaway?

The leather crownpiece is an essential part of the GG Equine Premium Breakaway Halter.

Made with real leather and lined underneath with felted wool, the crownpiece is designed to break away at around 100 lbs of pressure in the event your horse, pony, or donkey gets caught on something.

In the event that happens, we sell a leather crown replacement to get your horse back into the pasture safely.

Attach a GG Halter to a GreenGuard Muzzle

We designed and developed the GG Equine Premium Halter specifically for use with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. Here are step-by-step instructions to attaching the muzzle to the halter most effficiently.

Using Tape to Prevent Halter Rubs

Even horses that don't have sensitive skin can develop rubs and bald spots from halters making contact with their faces over long periods of time. A roll of Gorilla Tape can make a big difference in mitigating or preventing halter rubs.

How to Handle Jaw Rubs

Sometimes the buckle, straps, or even the rear part of the muzzle can dig in behind a horse's jaw and cause rubbing.

This video outlines all the adjustments you can make to minimize or even prevent rubs under the jaw and behind the chin.

Quick Fit Check

Only have a couple of minutes? Here's how to do a quick fit check for your horse's GG Premium Breakaway halter.

Can My Horse Use His Own Halter?

The GG Breakaway Halter is designed to keep escape artists from wriggling out of their halters and muzzles.

If your horse has a halter that they are comfortable in, rest easy! We have tips and tricks for adapting any halter with the GreenGuard muzzle.

Still Escaping? Try a Neck Strap or Second Throat Latch.

If your horse has a talent or a gift for pulling the halter over his head, we have a number of ideas, including using a neck strap to anchor the halter. Adding a second throat latch is another great way to prevent halter removal.

Making Mid-Season Adjustments

Spring and Summer are a long time for horse to wear a halter and muzzle combo. Time, wear, and weather pull and stretch things, especially leather. Here are some important adjustments to make as the season wears on so your horse doesn't accidentally slip out and eat the entire pasture.

Remove or Replace the Halter Clip

Need to replace the halter clip or don't like which way it is facing? You're not alone, so we made this guide to removing and/or replacing the halter clip on your horse's GG Premium Halter. Keep in mind that most safety organizations recommend that the clip opening face the horse, so it doesn’t get caught on things.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chrystal B.
Excellent quality

Well made halter the fits comfortably. My rambunctious gelding and his pasture friends have not been successful in removing it during play! Bright green is easy to see.

Horses are crafty creatures! We've certainly heard many stories of them enlisting herdmates' help in wriggling free of their muzzles and halters. We're pleased to hear the GG halter has proven a worthy foil for your herd's efforts so far. We've worked hard on it - and tweaked the design over the years - to make it as escape-proof as possible, while still being safe and comfortable.

Hannah C.

The halter is well made, soft and our horse who hates muzzles does not mind to wear it at all.

That is practically a rave as far as a horse goes! We know it can be a process of adjustment for them, so we have tried to make the halter especially as comfortable and wearable as possible.