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About GG Equine

GG Equine is a horse health company dedicated to addressing the equine obesity epidemic. We launched in 2014 as the exclusive North American distributor for GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles, cementing its status as the gold standard in the slow-feed muzzle market. Since then, we have grown and expanded our product line to include muzzle accessories, halters, and slow-feed bags, with more innovative products in the works! GG Equine is run by a small but dedicated team of true horse lovers. Our core values include:      

  • Horse Welfare First - Horses are the heart of our business. Our commitment goes beyond simply doing the right thing. We are passionate about improving horse welfare, comfort, and safety through education, products, and solutions.
  • Innovative Problem-Solvers - We have an innate will to figure things out and find a solution in the face of challenges. We place high value on constantly improving our products and processes.
  • Independent - We take ownership of our tasks, make our own schedules, work when and how we want, and do our due diligence to figure things out. We are self-sufficient but ask for help when a problem is complex and/or having others’ perspectives would be helpful.
  • Authentic - We care about our colleagues and keep it real when we’re together. We ensure GG is a safe environment where everyone feels accepted and valued, and together we help, support, and encourage each other. 
  • Adaptable - No two days are the same at GG, and we love it that way. We embrace the pivots required to grow our business and pitch in wherever needed.  


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