GG Premium Breakaway Halter

  • $102.00

Halter with breakaway leather crown designed for use with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. Premium quality, soft to the touch nylon with durable felt-padded nose and breakaway leather crown. Unique throat latch is adjustable to fit many different head shapes, helping to keep the halter on even the trickiest "houdini." Center face strap stabilizes the halter and can be removed if desired. Made in the USA.

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SIZING: Not sure what size you need? Check out halter measurement chart below. We also have a tutorial video showing how to measure your horse for a halter. For the mini premium halter, click here


VIDEO - How to measure your horse for a GG Equine halter:

VIDEO - Fitting the GG Equine Halter on your horse: 

Frequently Asked Questions:
What part of the GG Premium Breakaway Halter is breakaway?

The leather crownpiece is an essential part of the GG Equine Premium Breakaway Halter. Made with real leather and lined underneath with felted wool, the crownpiece is designed to break away in the event your horse, pony, or donkey gets caught on something. In the event that happens, we sell a leather crown replacement to get your horse back into the pasture safely. 


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