Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta

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    Bolsas de heno no tóxicas, ultra duraderas, fáciles de llenar y de alimentación lenta que se pueden colgar en el establo o arrojar al potrero para enriquecimiento. Hecha de material recubierto de PVC resistente a la intemperie, esta bolsa puede resistir las condiciones más duras. No se agrietará ni se debilitará en temperaturas extremadamente frías o calientes.

    Los orificios de 3 pulgadas con triple refuerzo son lo suficientemente pequeños como para reducir la velocidad, pero lo suficientemente grandes como para no frustrarlos. Los orificios se diseñaron específicamente para ralentizar la ingesta y, al mismo tiempo, permitir que el caballo coma de forma natural, lo que reduce la tensión en el cuello y la espalda provocada por el picoteo en las redes con orificios pequeños.

    Estas bolsas de heno de alimentación lenta mantienen el heno completamente contenido y limpio, lo que resulta en prácticamente NINGUNA pérdida de heno. En promedio, las redes de heno dan como resultado que se pierda entre un 10 y un 15 % del heno porque termina en la ropa de cama o en la tierra. Debido a que estas bolsas son sólidas, se cae muy poco heno cuando el caballo está comiendo. También reducen en gran medida el polvo y las alergias que causan problemas respiratorios y respiratorios.


    • Merienda ~3 hojuelas
    • Media paca ~ 1/2 paca
    • Completo ~ una paca

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    Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta
    Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta
    Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta
    Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta
    Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta
    Bolsas HayPlay de alimentación lenta



    How to use

    Hanging it up: Use rope to cinch the bag closed and tie to hang. For safety, we recommend using baling twine at the point of attachment so it will breakaway in case of emergency.

    Ground feeding: You can place the HayPlay Bags on the ground so your horse can roll and toss them as an enrichment and slow-feeding activity. Make sure to tie the bag so that there are no loose parts of rope for the horse to get tangled in. Instead of the rope, you can also use baling twine to tie the bag and then trim the ends off so it would also break away in case of emergency.
    For more information see our video on how to tie your bag safely

    How Much Hay is in a Bale?

    Where the half-bale size HayPlay Bag is concerned, you might wonder what manner of bale we mean!

    For our purposes, we are talking about the East coast / 2-string bale of hay, around 50lbs. So our "half-bale" can hold around 25-30 pounds of hay and the snack size holds around 15-20 lbs.

    Our bags vs hay nets

    Slow-feed hay nets can cause a lot of neck and back strain because the horse has to peck at the hay and typically ends up pulling the whole weight of the net with each bite. Our bags offer larger holes, which reduce strain and tension as they are only pulling on the hay they get in their mouth with each bite.

    In fact, the hole size in our bags was rigorously tested and designed specifically to be large enough to allow stress-free eating but small enough to slow them down.

    What is the bag made of? Is it durable?

    The HayPlay Bag is constructed from a food-grade, non-toxic, heavy-duty, marine-grade, PVC material that remains flexible in extreme conditions. The material does not hold moisture so it will not freeze, crack, or become rigid. Temperature range: -22F to +158F (-30C to +70C)

    It is very tough and durable. Here's a video about the materials and construction of the HayPlay Bags!

    We offer a 1-year, one-time replacement warranty that covers the following: all hardware parts, the stitching around the holes, and tears in the material larger than 1 inch. Normal wear and tear on the bags, like the outer coating wearing down and minor cracking, is not covered.

    We are confident that the bags will maintain their usability for a long time, so please reach out if any minor damage becomes a larger issue that qualifies for a replacement.

    Can a 3" hole really slow intake?

    There is a big difference in how horses eat from a hay net vs these bags. Even the smallest 1" slow-feed hay nets have more open surface area than our bags. So even though the HayPlay bags have larger openings, there are fewer of them and hay is less exposed because it is enclosed.

    Our experience is that the "snack-size" bag will last a typical horse about 4 hours, the half-bale size about a day or night, and the bale size about 20 hours.

    Is it safe for horses with shoes?

    According to the manufacturer, HayPlay Bags are designed to be safe for horses with shoes. The 3-inch hole size makes it challenging for a horse to fit an entire foot into the hole. Animals with smaller feet tend to fit in and out easily.

    Shod horses that paw at the bag on the ground do run the risk of catching part of the opening between the heel of their shoe and hoof. Should this happen, the HayPlay Bag is designed to tear. This safety feature means your horse is unlikely to get caught or tangled in the same way they might in a traditional hay net.

    We do recommend using baling twine (made from fiber, not plastic) when hanging the bags. If a horse were to get caught somehow (they are horses, after all, meaning anything is possible), the twine would break rather than the bag.

    For the drawstring bags, we recommend hanging them high enough that the horse is unable to get a hoof near the drawstring opening, any loops of string, or any of the feeding holes. If ground feeding, secure the HayPlay Bag opening with bailing twine, trim the ends off, being careful to leave no loops or openings.

    Watch our tutorial video on how to tie your bag safely

    Can I use it for my mini?

    Yes, they are safe for miniature horses and donkeys of all sizes! Even if a mini happens to put a hoof in one of the holes, they will usually just pull their hoof out with ease.

    There is nothing for them to get tangled in like with hay nets. Click here for footage of minis interacting with the HayPlay Bag XL.

    Care Instructions

    Rinse with water or wash with a mild soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as this can damage the outer coating.

    If you hang the HayPlay Bag in a stall, occasionally rotate the direction the bag is hung so that your horse's favorite hole locations are not overused.

    Keeping bags relatively full can help decrease stress on the bag from pawing, biting, etc., especially if they are ground fed.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews

    Love the quality of the hay bags, muzzle and halter! My horses actually seem to enjoy putting these halter/muzzle combo ones on! No waste hay bags keep them entertained for hours. The delivery was very quick and easy! I love everything about this company and their product!


    Game changer, our horses love these bags, it managed loose hay and we find there is way less mess. They pull out what they need and eat off the ground. SO easy to fill and hang. Love, love, love these.

    Karen F.
    Bertha loves it!

    I got one of these for my horse Claudia ( Bertha). She has IR and is fat. She took to the play bag immediately, spinning it around. My 2 fosters liked it as well, so I had to buy one for them. 3 in total.
    I don’t have to worry about the wear of teeth , it holds a lot and looks pretty durable.

    Karen, Bertha is such a beauty! We're thrilled to hear that she is enjoying the HayPlay Bag. Less thrilled about the insulin resistance, obviously, but glad we could make a product to keep her entertained and active. Thank you so much for letting us know you liked it so much that you got additional bags for your fosters. Please keep us posted on how the bags hold up for you and your herd!

    Sturdy and easy

    I like these. They are easier to load than a net And when it’s really rainy outside, I think they keep the hay drier. I tie to a panel or a fence or just tie the bag closed and toss it on the ground. I think these will last forever. Even though my horse isn’t particularly hard on her stuff she does paw and has eaten a hole in most of her nets. I don’t think that’s going to happen with the Hay play bag. Ever.

    Melissa, it sounds like the HayPlay Bag is exceeding your expectations! That's brilliant! We were really impressed by their construction when we first encountered them, and we had our product development chief put them through their paces with her own herd half a year before we ever listed them on our site for sale. We are so glad they are proving their worth! Please keep in touch and let us know how they hold up over time with your horse!

    Sharon L.
    Hang the bags

    Replaced my hanging nets with the GG Equine, 1/2 bag. Fill from the hay loft, using the original square frame, works great. Had to cut out the bottom 5 holes to max opening....slow feed, hardly any waste. Happy with the product, bought 6 total.

    Sharon, thank you so much for your review! We're glad the HayPlay Bags are filling a need for you and your herd. Your use and adaptation of them is innovative thinking! We've never seen them deployed in that particular manner. Let us know how they hold up for you over time!