Starch Guard™

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High levels of starch in your horse's diet can cause toxin build-up and inflammation in the hind gut, impair insulin metabolism, and contribute to the onset of laminitis. 

Starch Guard™, created by Equinutrix Nutrition, is a proprietary supplement blend that has been shown in university and clinical trials to reduce inflammation associated with starch consumption, promote hind-gut health, and support normal metabolism.

This supplement is ideal for obese, insulin-resistant, equine metabolic syndrome, and Cushing’s horses. It also supports healthy metabolism and insulin levels in all horses during changes in pasture starch content during the Spring and Fall.

Protect your horse's gut and manage their pasture intake with a winning combo of Starch Guard™ + a GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. 


  • Supports healthy microbial function and hind-gut function
  • Promoted a normal inflammatory and metabolic response to starch consumption in university trials 1, 2, 3

Ideal for:

  • Ponies, donkeys, and miniature horses
  • Obesity, insulin resistance, or EMS
  • Cushing's Disease (PPID)
  • During changes in pasture starch content in Spring and Fall


  • 3 lb = 45 (30g) servings, 1.5 month supply - maintenance
  • 8 lb = 133 (30g) servings, 4 month supply - maintenance

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1. Suagee-Bedore, J.K., A.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2016. Feeding DigestaWell Buffer to horses neutralizes the effects of high starch diets on blood pH and inflammation. Joint Animal Sciences Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT.

2. Suagee-Bedore, J.K. A.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2017. Validation of the Postprandial Interleukin-1b Response in Horses Using Equine-Specific Antibodies. JEVS. 48:69-72.

3. Delano, K.M., B.J. McIntosh, J.K. Suagee-Bedore, K.L. Kaufman, S.M. Ghajar, A.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2017. Feeding DigestaWell Buffer to overconditioned horses mitigates the effects of rapidly introduced nonstructural carbohydrate. JEVS. 52:80.


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