2021 Mask and Muzzle Photo Contest

We had such a lovely response to our Fall 2020 Mask and Muzzle photo contest, we're running it again!

gg equine face mask greenguard grazing muzzle

To enter:

Take a photo of you and your pony, horse, or donkey. You are wearing your favorite face mask and your friend is wearing a grazing muzzle. It can be any brand or kind of grazing muzzle.

  • If you don't own a grazing muzzle, as long as you are wearing a face mask, we'll allow it!

Post your photo to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag GG Equine. Here is where to find us on those platforms:

  • On Instagram, our tag is @greenguardequine
  • On Twitter, our tag is @greenguardeq
  • On Facebook, our tag is @greenguardequine
  • If you don't have or use any social networks, feel free to email your entry to support@gg-equine.com

There will be at least 6 prizes randomly drawn during the first week of May 2021. These include:

  • 2 new GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles
  • 2 new GG Equine Premium Safety Halters
  • 2 pairs of leather replacement straps for GreenGuard muzzles


The drawing is open only in GG Equine's sales territory - North and South America - though anyone may submit a photo.

Contest ends on 30 April 2012

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