Halter Houdini Helper Neck Strap

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    Added strap that keeps your houdini horse from pulling the halter off over the ears. Simply slip it through the loop on the crown strap of the GG halter. Ensure the strap is snug (slightly looser than a cribbing strap) and voila your houdini has been thwarted!

    For a non-GG halter you can make a loop with twine, string, hook 'n' loop (read, "velcro"), or zip ties and use that to connect the neck strap and crownpiece.

    On to the next trick...


    • Horse circumference: min 30 inch - max 40 inch
    • Pony circumference: min 21.5 inch - max 29.5 inch

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    In this video tutorial, we show you how to fit your houdini horse with a neck collar for extra security. 



    leather neck collar greenguard grazing muzzle houdini horse