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    Made in the USA from a soft, durable, all natural, vegetable-tanned leather, this muzzle insert was designed for horses with sensitive teeth or teeth wearing issues. The leather surface of the insert becomes slick when wet and helps protect the tooth enamel from abrasion. As a bonus, the leather will also protect the muzzle from wearing and prolong the life of your muzzle. 

    *Pre-2022 muzzles: Make sure to look at our in-depth insert compatibility chart if you are ordering for a muzzle purchased before 2022. However, the pony insert, which does not have tabs, will work for older horse-size muzzles.

    CAUTION: Please ensure your horse is comfortable grazing in the GreenGuard muzzle prior to using insert. Also, please continue checking horse's teeth when using grazing muzzle. 

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    Muzzle Insert - Leather
    Muzzle Insert - Leather
    Muzzle Insert - Leather
    Muzzle Insert - Leather
    Muzzle Insert - Leather
    Muzzle Insert - Leather
    Muzzle Insert - Leather



    Which size insert is right for my horse?

    This horse-size leather insert is made with tabs specifically to work with the size 5 (Horse) GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle.

    We also offer tabless leather inserts for both the size 4 (Pony) and size 3 (mini) as well as older style size 5 (horse) muzzles. If you are in any doubt, please consult our detailed insert compatibility chart!

    Please contact Support if you have questions about leather inserts and pre-2022 muzzles.

    This video tutorial gives you a detailed evaluation of our inserts - rubber and leather - so you can make the best choice of material for your horse and their specific needs.

    Instructions for Tabless Inserts

    Here is a step by step video tutorial on how to use the tabless leather insert. Though the video is geared toward the mini, the process is the same for the pony size.

    My muzzle has no slots

    Older-style (pre-2022) GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles do not have slots to receive muzzle inserts.

    Check our muzzle compatibility chart to see which insert is best for your particular muzzle.

    Here is a do it yourself tutorial showing how to adapt your muzzle to receive a muzzle insert. This works best with a tabless leather insert.

    Use Inserts to Modify Intake

    Both our horse and mini leather muzzle inserts restrict grass intake a little bit more than the muzzle alone. To further restrict you can use  a plastic sheet cut with your desired hole size between a leather insert and the muzzle as shown in this video: customize the size of the holes.

    This technique works best with our leather inserts. This video shows you how to customize hole size specifically for the mini muzzle.

    Cleaning or storing the leather insert

    Whether cleaning between uses, or prepping to store for the off season, we recommend rinsing the insert and then rubbing down with a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar.  Hang the insert until it is completely dry (we found a breezy barn aisle works great!) and then place in storage.

    Dried and stored inserts, especially leather, can still gather moisture depending on seasonal humidity. If you pull your insert out of storage and see a bit of mold, don’t panic. Srub the insert with the vinegar-water mixture to remove the mold and hang to dry. You can also use a mild non-toxic dish or hand soap and water mixture, but some horses may find the lingering smell off-putting.We generally do not recommend treating the inserts with leather cleaners or conditioners unless you are certain it is non-toxic, such as some beeswax brands.

    Preventing premature shrinkage of the leather insert

    If the leather insert gets too wet before being "cured," it may shrink or lose its shape. To cure your leather insert, we recommend getting it slightly wet and then drying it completely several times before letting your horse wear it in a very wet or moist environment.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Exactly what I ordered and arrived very fast.


    Great products and great directions and great packaging

    Very Happy!

    I am very happy with the leather muzzle insert for my pony's grazing muzzle. This should take a lot of the worry of his tooth wear off of me. Thank you!

    We are so glad you and your horse are enjoying the leather insert! We designed them to wear easily, gently, and naturally for some of our more aggressive grazers. We hope it's a better and more cost effective alternative than having to get an entirely new muzzle. Please give your boy some ear scratches for us!

    Frauke S.
    A little hard to eat with but so light to wear

    Makes the muzzle even smoother at the inside. I suppose even the horse would recommend it.

    'I suppose even the horse would recommend it'; That is high praise indeed! Thanks so much!

    Laurie C.

    We have the insert for one of our ponies. I love the softer slippery surface for his teeth. And it's great to have more options for hole sizes. Also, the insert keeps his teeth slightly higher up on the grass stem which reduces how much of the sugary base he's able to eat...better for him and for the grass!

    Thank you, Laurie! You got right to the heart of literally all the reasons we spent a couple of years developing the leather muzzle inserts. So pleased to hear your pony is getting the most out of it!