Traveler and Sydney - How a Grazing Muzzle Helps Manage Laminitis Risk

Heading to the western part of our own home state - Asheville, North Carolina - to hang out with Traveler! What a beautiful boy he is, too! He joined Sydney's family in the Summer of 2021, and what do you think? He came with his own GreenGuard muzzle!

Traveler is an Andalusian / Paint cross. Sydney says that Traveler had "a mild bout of laminitis a few years back, and with the GreenGuard muzzle and some other dietary changes, the slight rotation grew out nice and strong," such that "it isn't showing up on x-rays anymore."

Sydney got in touch with us, asking about our grazing muzzle inserts. She says Traveler "loves his" current muzzle "because it means he gets to graze," but that he will need a new muzzle soon. "Right now," she says, "he can only be out for 4 hours on grass," and hopes that an insert will "help him stay out longer."

Thanks so much to Sydney and Traveler for sharing their experiences with us! Follow them on Instagram at @zealousequestrian. Sydney is also an accomplished horsemanship, behavior, and dressage coach. You can follow her business at @sympaticoanimalbehavior on Instagram. We love shouting out and supporting our fellow woman-owned small businesses!

Sydney adds: "It's true- he does love his muzzle! He knows it means he gets to go graze (and sometimes I pop a carrot piece in it so he gets a little surprise when I put it on) and it never rubs his face or comes off in the field. We're very grateful 💚"


Note: This story was first written up in the fall of 2022. Traveler passed away in June of 2024. His memory lives with us and we're so grateful to Sydney for letting us share a bit of his life and story while they were together.