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GGEquine is the exclusive North American distributor (U.S. and Canada) for GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles. We have worked hard to bring these grazing muzzles "across the pond" from Europe, where they have been available for over a decade, and to educate folks about their unique design. Why are we so passionate about these muzzles? Here is our story...

After finding my "houdini" horse with his basket muzzle anywhere but on him, I gave up on traditional grazing muzzles. On a good day the muzzle would still be on him (see photo below), even if it was in his mouth rather than on his mouth. But most of the time, I had to go looking for it in a 15 acre pasture. Not fun! A friend introduced me to the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle, which she was using on her foundered mustang. It was certainly strange looking and square! I was skeptical. But after seeing how well it worked for her notorious muzzle escape artist (aka "The Destroyer"), I decided to give it a try and...it was truly a night and day difference! 

From then on, my horse NEVER again tried to get his grazing muzzle off. He also didn't mind anyone in the barn putting the grazing muzzle on him, whereas he used to turn away, give you the stink eye, or sulk. And when he was grazing he acted like he wasn't even wearing anything! Not only was he much more comfortable - he actually lost weight too! It was truly amazing. In my 30 years of being an equestrian, I had never seen such results with a single product. And so any chance I got I would tell people about GreenGuard, and I made it a mission to bring these muzzles to the U.S. and Canada. That was several years ago now. Since then we have had many, many customers who have seen the difference for themselves.

So why GreenGuard grazing muzzles? Why does this weird, rigid, square-shaped muzzle with so many openings work better? Won't it let too much grass in? The answers may surprise you. Read more in our FAQs and in the articles "Why Square? Because Air!" and "How GreenGuard Limits Intake with So Many Holes."

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of horses that must wear a grazing muzzle, with the belief that horses out on pasture are happier than those confined to a stall. We are confident that your horse will be more comfortable in the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle, and if not we will give you your money back!

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