Should I add fleece to prevent rubbing?

We recommend holding off on using fleece when you are first trying your GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, if the GreenGuard muzzle is fitted correctly and the appropriate size, it should not rub. For more information on a proper fit, see our Fitting Guidelines, as a too-small muzzle with the straps adjusted too short is the most common cause of rubbing, which can be corrected without the use of fleece. Also see our Rubbing Issues: Most Common Culprits article for more on the most common problems. 
You can also consult our comprehensive rubbing tutorial video for our thoughts on using fleece. Tapping "play" on the video below should be cued right to the fleece segment!
Fleece can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. Fleece holds moisture which itself can cause skin issues. Also, putting fleece on the front of the muzzle will pull the muzzle forward and leave less room for the horse's chin. This doesn't always, but can cause chin rubs. 
Some people want to add fleece to the front of the muzzle because they are worried about the muzzle touching the front of the horse's nose. However, this does not usually cause a problem with rubbing because the muzzle does not put pressure on the front of the nose when the horse puts his/her head down to graze. Horses spend the majority of their pasture time grazing, therefore the edges of the muzzle aren't in contact with the horse's nose as often as expected.
The edges of the muzzle are not touching the nose as this horse grazes.
One of the cases in which we have found fleece to be helpful is when the halter is rubbing the horse. In this case, adding fleece to the halter or getting a padded halter can prevent the rubbing. We recommend getting good quality, real fleece which won't hold moisture like cotton fleece. Also, try to fit the muzzle as flush to the front of the horse's nose as possible in order to leave space in the back for the horse's chin.  
So, prior to grabbing the fleece, try fitting your GreenGuard muzzle according to the instructions. You may find you don't need the fleece after all and that it may actually cause more problems than it solves. Monitor your horse closely in the first few weeks of trying the muzzle. If you do start to notice any rubbing, definitely contact us. It may be that you need to add a little fleece to a couple spots, but it also may be a fit or sizing issue that needs to be fixed.
add fleece to grazing muzzle