GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle

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    NOTE: THIS IS THE MUZZLE ONLY - Halter and accessories sold separately.

    Our grazing muzzle reduces forage intake while remaining comfortable, light, and cool. Made from highly durable, food-grade material. Open design allows for unrestricted breathing and drinking. We offer a 1-year limited warranty on all muzzles. 

    Muzzles include 4 breakaway straps that can be attached to any halter (we recommend a safety halter). GG halter sold separately. 

    SIZING (U.S. and Canada only): These muzzles are designed to fit much larger than traditional muzzles. If your horse is between sizes we recommend going with the larger size. 

    Muzzle size guide

    Caution: Horse and Pony sizes may not fit in some types of automatic waterers if the diameter is less than 10 inches. Please check to ensure the muzzle will fit in your waterer before ordering.

    SHIPPING: Free standard shipping on all US orders. Customers outside of US & Canada - please contact your country's GreenGuard distributor to purchase GreenGuard products outside of the US & Canada. 

    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
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    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
    GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle



    Which is the right size?

    GreenGuard muzzle sizing is based on your horse's nose circumference and bit size. See our complete muzzle sizing guide.

    You can also watch a full and detailed walkthrough video on our YouTube channel.

    How to connect the straps?

    As a rule, the muzzle is angled properly when the front strap is longer, and the rear strap (behind the chin) is very short for size 5 (horse) and Size 4 (pony). For size 3 (mini) the straps tend to be more or less the same length.

    Here's our best practices video for our leather breakaway straps. It includes our recommendation to cinch them down with electrical tape. Loopy straps can get caught on things and breakaway prematurely!

    Will it work with my horse's halter?
    • The GreenGuard muzzle is compatible with just about any halter you've ever tried. It's just a matter of finding the right connection points, keeping the muzzle from sliding, and using a breakaway safety halter. Here's our tutorial on attaching a GreenGuard muzzle to a standard halter.
    • You can also convert any halter into a GG-style halter - with a center face strap - by using our fleece converter set. The fleece helps prevent rubs while the center strap provides an anchor for the front muzzle strap.
    Prevent and Manage Rubs

    Here is our general tutorial covering all of the major causes and solutions for muzzle and halter rubs.

    Nose and Chin Rubbing:

    Our Muzzle Rub Protector Stickers adhere to the muzzle panel to prevent chafing and rubbing, or you can DIY this option using smooth tape (our preference is gorilla tape).

    Have a draft or draft cross whose mouth is just a little too big for the Size 5 (Horse) muzzle? We have a DIY procedure for expanding the back panel. Note: it will void your warranty, so reach out with any questions.

    Jaw Rubbing:

    If your horse is developing a rub under their jaw area between their chin & cheek bones, we have a video about treating jaw rubbing.

    Can i cover muzzle holes?

    Our leather muzzle inserts are useful, not only in extending muzzle life and being gentler on horse teeth, but also for aiding in grass restriction. We've developed two approaches to additionally restrict or further customize grass intake.

    1. Customize the size of the holes to restrict grass intake
    2. Temporarily block all holes for a medical reason/procedure or farrier visit
    Muzzles and Tooth Wear

    According to the National Equine Welfare Council's "Grazing Muzzle Guidance," all grazing muzzles carry a risk of tooth wear. The NEWC recommends your horse get at least an annual check by an equine vet or dental specialist.

    This video addresses everything we know to date about preventive measures and solutions for tooth care while using a grazing muzzle.

    We highly recommend cleaning your GreenGuard muzzle and checking your horse's teeth regularly when they are wearing a muzzle.

    Finally, leather and rubber muzzle inserts have been designed to prolong the life of your muzzle and to wear faster and be gentler on horse teeth. If you horse has existing tooth wear, we recommend the leather insert.

    How much do muzzles restrict grass intake?

    According to the National Equine Welfare Council's "Grazing Muzzle Guidance," "grazing muzzles can reduce grass intake by up to 80%." (skip to 4:24 in the video link for the exact quote)

    In practice, real grass restriction depends on a number of factors: the grazing muzzle, the horse that is wearing it, how long the grass is, and how practiced the horse is at grazing in a muzzle, among others.

    What is undeniable is that horses in grazing muzzles get more exercise than horses in stalls or in dry lots. A turned-out, muzzled horse gets less grass and more exercise, both of which contribute to weight management.

    If your horse requires further grass restriction than the muzzle alone, there are solutions. Muzzle inserts cover an additional 30% (leather) to 50% (diet) of the available grazing area.

    We have also developed methods for further customizing the size of the GreenGuard muzzle holes or temporarily blocking all holes for a medical reason/procedure or farrier visit.

    You can read more details about the muzzle and insert restrictions, and the best way to monitor weight on our blog post, "How much do muzzles restrict intake?"

    Is there a "Diet" insert for the mini muzzle?

    The mini leather insert blocks part of the muzzle holes right down the center, making the muzzle holes about 30% smaller (see photo below).

    Because of the mini muzzle's unique curvature, they typically aren't able to graze through the outer edges very well, so their actual open grazing area is quite small with the leather insert. The leather insert also makes the muzzle grazing surface much thicker. Most owners find that the leather insert provides the right amount of restriction and is comparable to the diet inserts in the other two sizes even though it doesn't look as restrictive.

    While you can customize the size of the mini muzzle's holes, we do not recommend doing this unless you have been advised by a vet or nutritionist that they need this level of grass restriction.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews
    Great Muzzle

    I ordered this muzzle for my donkey and she seems pretty happy in it. It fits great and allows her freedom. She doesn't object to having it put on and I can even slip her a treat when its time to bring her inside. The only thing I had to do was use some tape in a figure 8 around the strap on her noseband to keep if from slipping to the side

    Felicia, your donkey is so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing the photo along with your thoughts. And yes, especially for a halter without a center face strap, we tend to find a bit of electrical tape goes a long way to keeping the front strap secure and in place. If you or your donkey ever have any questions or issues, please reach out to; we've seen and heard just about everything!

    Paige T.
    Really Works! Top Notch Customer Support

    I purchased the muzzle & halter and have been very impressed. My horse has a large head & standard muzzles rub. Once properly fitted this muzzle cannot be removed by my escape artist horse. Customer service is extremely helpful if you have questions regarding fit or setup. They provide detailed answers that truly help.

    Paige, thank you so much for recognizing the hard work of our customer support staff. They are really unsung heroes. A one-size-fits-most product like the GreenGuard muzzle is great for most, but some need extra help and guidance. That's where we come in. If you or your horse have any questions or issues at all going forward, don't hesitate to reach out!

    Taylor C.
    Durable and comfortable muzzle!

    I was a frequent buyer of the cheap nylon/neoprene muzzles for years.. but my mares kept tearing them up and still weren’t losing any weight. Last year I took the plunge I bought a GreenGuard for my retiree. She doesn’t mind wearing it, even 24/7! No rubs, more turnout time and movement for her. It lasted all year (worn until thanksgiving) and is in great shape starting year two. I just bought another one for a younger mare. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing it either and so far no rubs, unlike the cheap muzzles who always rubbed the horses chins.

    Taylor, thank you so much for taking the time to write this review! It means a lot to hear from horse owners who have extensive experience with different grazing muzzles before taking the plunge with a GreenGuard. It's so valuable to others who may just be starting their muzzling journey to see and read the perspectives of folks who have been there. If you or your mares ever have any questions or issues, please don't hesistate to reach out! We're here to support y'all for the life of the muzzles.

    Jo-an D.
    My GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle is GREAT!!!!

    My very small mini was able to get several other muzzles off while in the field. This muzzle stays in place and is not rubbing in anyway. He is happy and I am very pleased!!!!!

    Jo-an, we're so glad your tiny friend is safe, comfortable, and happy! Minis seem to take to the GreenGuard with greater facility than any of our other clients. If you ever get a photo of him in his muzzle, we'd love to see him! If you or he ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know.


    Have used both green guard and best friend. Green guard is superior. Of the two types, my vet recommended green guard!

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the GreenGuard muzzle. We really believe in its quality and durability and are glad it's proving its worth. We're always grateful and humbled when vets recommend us!