GG Equine Press and Media

Since our founding in 2015, GG Equine and GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles have been lucky enough to get really good press and media coverage. We have also established great, long-running advertising relationships with media partners that have become part of our family of woman-owned small businesses. These include:

The Ohio and Kentucky Equestrian Directories

Founded and published by Erika Milenkovich, the Ohio Equestrian Directory is distributed for free to retailers, medical schools, equine veterinarians, and at special events throughout the state of Ohio.

Every year since 2019, we have been proud to advertise in the Ohio Equestrian Directory. In a world where print media is everywhere declining and cutting corners and costs, the OED has bucked all trends. It is always a beautiful, keep-sake quality periodical. 




It was joined by a sister publication, the Kentucky Equestrian Directory, not too long after the OED's debut. Its match in quality of material and content, the KED is also an essential reference for horse lovers all over the state of Kentucky. 

Not only do these periodicals include reference lists of all equestrian businesses, schools, vets, farriers, etc, in the states of Ohio and Kentucky, respectively, but also contain unique, well-written, and educational feature articles that premium magazines would be lucky to run. 

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Pro Equine Grooms

For over a decade, Liv Gude has been the sole proprietor, head researcher, and writer for Pro Equine Grooms. This website is nothing less than a clearinghouse for all information to do with horse care, horse health, and horse maintenance. 




After a career as a groom for Guenter Seidel and other elite professional riders, Liv founded Pro Equine Grooms to give all horse owners the kind of rigorous, hands-on knowledge that she wished were readily available. Nearly 1000 articles on, along with a phenomenal following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, Liv is a widely-recognized authority on all things equestrian.

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