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    Some horses have a bigger nose or a pointier chin that may rub against the ventilation holes on the front or back of the grazing muzzle. These waterproof stickers adhere to the muzzle panel to prevent chafing and rubbing. Fits horse size muzzle only.

    SIZING: These fit horse size muzzles only.

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    Rub Protector Sticker Set
    Rub Protector Sticker Set
    Rub Protector Sticker Set
    Rub Protector Sticker Set
    Rub Protector Sticker Set



    Prevent and Manage Rubs

    We have been helping customers and their horses with rubs of all kinds - rubbing from straps, halters, and the muzzle itself - for years.

    This is our comprehensive video tutorial on preventing and managing rubs. If you don't have a roll of electrical tape and/or a roll of gorilla tape, we highly recommend buying at least one of each before you watch the video!

    Have questions? Reach Out!

    If you have a query that isn't answered by the full tutorial video, feel free to ask us! Just send an email to

    Please send a photo of the rub location and your horse wearing their full muzzle and halter setup. The photo should be taken directly from the side with your horse's head up. That will give our customer service team a chance to assess the situation and offer better help.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    This is a sturdy muzzle, but a little too clunky for my preference. I thought it would be more pliable. My pony doesn’t mind it, but she won’t drink any water with it on for some reason, and she has a large trough, so no issues with it fitting. After 3 days it already has bite marks around the holes, so I had to sand down some points that were created. I like the breathability, but it has a little too much access to grass. I bought the diet insert but I find that it restricts too much if your grass doesn’t get over a few inches long.
    I will have this one as a backup, but I will be going back to the thinline flexible filly muzzle. Overall not bad, but just not my preference!

    Paula H.
    Rub protector

    These definitely do the job. No rub spots on her chin ever. Easy to install. I have been using these and the muzzle for over a year . Very pleased.

    Paula, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! Sometimes it is the smallest thing that makes a difference to rub-prone ponies. We're so glad you and your girl have had a good experience with the muzzle and the rub protector stickers. Please keep us posted on how y'all get along, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


    Fits great

    Heather M.
    Works great!!

    This is awesome concept to prevent any chin rubs! Stays on throughout heat/humidity/moisture. Easy to apply & does the job well!

    Monica M.

    The best muzzle I ever had for my horse. It is light and allows my horse to breathe.