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    Made from a soft, pliable, rubber-like material, this non-toxic insert is secured into the bottom by pushing the insert tabs through matching slots* in the muzzle. Very secure once in place, these inserts can be removed but will take a bit of work to get out. But this is a good thing as it means your horse won't remove it before you do! 

    *Note: if you have an older style muzzle without side slots (pre-2022), then your muzzle will not be compatible with this insert. You will need to purchase our tabless leather insert instead.

    The "diet" insert has 50% smaller holes to further restrict grazing. Reasons you may want to consider using an insert: 

    • Further reduce your horse's intake. Note that this insert is severely restrictive, so please make sure your horse is used to grazing without an insert before using.
    • Protect your muzzle from excessive wear and prolong its life 
    • Have a softer material for your horse's grazing surface - the material is rubbery and softer than the muzzle itself. 

    Sizes: Available in horse and pony muzzle sizes. No mini size available, but we do have a leather insert for the minis click here for mini leather insert.

    CAUTION: Please ensure your horse is comfortable grazing in the GreenGuard muzzle prior to using inserts, especially the diet insert as it is extremely restrictive. 

    SHIPPING: Customers outside of US & Canada - please contact your country's GreenGuard distributor to purchase GreenGuard products outside of the US & Canada. Free standard shipping on all US orders. For shipping costs and details, see our shipping page

    Muzzle Insert - Diet
    Muzzle Insert - Diet
    Muzzle Insert - Diet
    Muzzle Insert - Diet
    Muzzle Insert - Diet
    Muzzle Insert - Diet



    Which insert is right for my horse?

    In 2022, GreenGuard muzzles began featuring slots around the base of the basket. These slots accommodate muzzle inserts, which are designed to prolong the muzzle body's life and provide a softer, more yielding surface for aggressive grazers. There are two rubber varieties from GreenGuard: standard and "diet."

    GG Equine also offers two varieties of leather insert, a tabless leather insert which can be made to work with any size GreenGuard muzzle, and a tabbed one for use with the horse-size. This video tutorial gives you a full, detailed evaluation of our entire line of inserts - rubber and leather - so you can make the best choice for your horse and their specific muzzle.

    Can my horse use the "diet" muzzle straight out of the package?

    We highly recommend that your horse be familiar with grazing in a GreenGuard muzzle before you turn them out with a "diet" insert. If you have any questions, please reach out!

    My muzzle has no slots

    Older-style (pre-2022) GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles do not have slots to receive muzzle inserts. We have a do it yourself tutorial showing how to adapt your muzzle to receive a muzzle insert. This works best with the mini leather insert.

    Cleaning the rubber insert

    The rubber GreenGuard muzzle inserts - both standard and "diet" - are made from a soft, pliable, rubber-like material. They are just as easy to clean as the muzzles themselves.

    All you need is some water and a cloth to wipe away any debris that may get embedded into the insert in the course of normal grazing. We recommend rinsing and wiping away any grit or sand at every opportunity to prevent undue tooth wear.

    Use Inserts to Modify Intake

    The "diet" rubber insert restricts grass intake by an additional 50% over the muzzle alone. Please make sure your horse is used to wearing and grazing with a muzzle before using the "diet" insert.

    You can also adapt the "diet" insert to allow a little more grass for easy keepers who need additional grass restriction, but not as little as the "diet" allows.

    Both our horse and mini leather muzzle inserts restrict grass intake a little bit more than the muzzle alone. Placing a plastic placemat between a leather insert and the muzzle, you can actually customize the size of the holes. This technique works best with our mini leather insert.

    Can I Block All Muzzle Holes?

    Is your vet or farrier coming and you have a bit of a reactive horse, or one who needs no grass leading up to a medical procedure? We have developed a way to block all holes in the muzzle temporarily using a plastic placemat.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    KIM H.
    good and not so good

    I have 2 ponies, one is in an muzzle pretty much 24/7. she is hard on muzzles and chews though the bottoms in a couple of months.. I like the fact I can just buy the insert. but I had to cover up a few holes as it was still too much grazing for her... she is on her second insert this summer so far,,, for the other pony, it works great except for she is a Houdini and I have had to come up with different ways to keep it on.. all that said.. I love the GG muzzles as a whole and all my horses wear them in the summer.

    acclimation factor

    i love the way the product fit, i had high hopes when i added the diet plate. it slowed down his grazing at first but after a few weeks when he got acclimated to it his ability to graze was increased. I didn't have the resources to keep him out of that paddock with minimal forage. after a few months he was in too much pain and i had to make the decision to put Orion down. i am still devastated. thank you for providing options for his EMS and laminitis issue, it was a time when it felt hopeless but i was glad that there were actions i could take when it first started thanks to your muzzle and diet plate. please find the attached pics with his success of figuring out how to use the automatic water if he when in form the side. and the other is the first day he had it on, we were checking for fit.

    PVA, thank you so much for leaving this review. We're so grateful to you for posting a couple of photos of Orion to honor his memory. We are gutted about your loss, and we are humbled to have had any role at all in allowing him to get a little bit more time out on pasture and a little bit more time together. This is the most moving story we've heard about the diet insert, and it means a lot to us to know it gave you an unlooked for option when you both needed it. Thank you, truly, for sharing.


    1. Great product.
    2. Great tutorial videos on GG website.
    3. Great customer support.
    4. Reasonably priced.
    5. Free n fast shipping.
    6. It works as promised.
    7. Great company!

    … what else can one ask for? Oh yeah that my horse will loose weight. 😉
    Thank you!


    Great addition to the regular Green Guard for my IR horse.