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    Halter with breakaway leather crown designed for use with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. Premium quality, soft to the touch nylon with durable felt-padded nose and breakaway leather crown. Unique throat latch is adjustable to fit many different head shapes, helping to keep the halter on even the trickiest "houdini." Center face strap stabilizes the halter and can be removed if desired. Made in the USA.

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    SIZING: Not sure what size you need? Check out halter measurement chart below. We also have a tutorial video showing how to measure your horse for a halter. If you need the mini or small pony premium halter, click here

    Premium Breakaway Halter
    Premium Breakaway Halter
    Premium Breakaway Halter
    Premium Breakaway Halter



    GG vs Standard Halters

    Why did we go to the trouble of developing and designing our own halters? Because we want horses to be as comfortable as possible in them. This video outlines what sets our halter apart from traditional ones.

    Measure Your Horse For a Halter

    A full, step-by-step video tutorial on how to measure your horse for the correct size GG Equine Premium Breakaway Haltter

    What Part of the Halter is Breakaway?

    The leather crownpiece is an essential part of the GG Equine Premium Breakaway Halter.

    Made with real leather and lined underneath with felted wool, the crownpiece is designed to break away at around 100 lbs of pressure in the event your horse, pony, or donkey gets caught on something.

    In the event that happens, we sell a leather crown replacement to get your horse back into the pasture safely.

    Attach a GG Halter to a GreenGuard Muzzle

    We designed and developed the GG Equine Premium Halter specifically for use with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. Here are step-by-step instructions to attaching the muzzle to the halter most effficiently.

    Using Tape to Prevent Halter Rubs

    Even horses that don't have sensitive skin can develop rubs and bald spots from halters making contact with their faces over long periods of time. A roll of Gorilla Tape can make a big difference in mitigating or preventing halter rubs.

    How to Handle Jaw Rubs

    Sometimes the buckle, straps, or even the rear part of the muzzle can dig in behind a horse's jaw and cause rubbing.

    This video outlines all the adjustments you can make to minimize or even prevent rubs under the jaw and behind the chin.

    Quick Fit Check

    Only have a couple of minutes? Here's how to do a quick fit check for your horse's GG Premium Breakaway halter.

    Can My Horse Use His Own Halter?

    The GG Breakaway Halter is designed to keep escape artists from wriggling out of their halters and muzzles.

    If your horse has a halter that they are comfortable in, rest easy! We have tips and tricks for adapting any halter with the GreenGuard muzzle.

    Still Escaping? Try a Neck Strap or Second Throat Latch.

    If your horse has a talent or a gift for pulling the halter over his head, we have a number of ideas, including using a neck strap to anchor the halter. Adding a second throat latch is another great way to prevent halter removal.

    Making Mid-Season Adjustments

    Spring and Summer are a long time for horse to wear a halter and muzzle combo. Time, wear, and weather pull and stretch things, especially leather. Here are some important adjustments to make as the season wears on so your horse doesn't accidentally slip out and eat the entire pasture.

    Remove or Replace the Halter Clip

    Need to replace the halter clip or don't like which way it is facing? You're not alone, so we made this guide to removing and/or replacing the halter clip on your horse's GG Premium Halter. Keep in mind that most safety organizations recommend that the clip opening face the horse, so it doesn’t get caught on things.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Sue G.
    Halter and grazing muzzle

    Seems very well made as does the grazing muzzle. Staff were very responsive and helpful in getting the whole thing correctly adjusted. I did have to make further adjustments and hope that when I go to take it off for the night t is all intact! I am optimistic!

    Sue, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with the halter. We designed it in-house and have worked closely with the small business that assembles them. Over the past several years, we've made adjustments and tweaks to make them as adjustable and comfortable for the largest number of animals. We are thrilled that you noticed the effort that's gone into their design and makeup. If you run into any issues at all, feel free to continue to reach out to We're here to help.

    Kathy C.
    GG Equine Halter and Muzzle THE BEST

    GG Equine's muzzle and breakaway halter are WONDERFUL. The way the muzzle and halter is made and fitted (with Jodi's help!) does NOT panic me when I see it on my horse. I know there is a lot of air flow and many openings to get some blades of grass and drink with the GG Equine muzzle- the breakaway halter is another safety feature that I feel very secure with as well. My horse does not mind the muzzle or halter. AWESOME!

    Kathy, thank you so much for taking the time to post such a thorough review. Thank you also for recognizing the special work Jodi does with her fitting consults! All of this helps draw folks' attention to the efforts of our woman-owned small business. Our primary goal is to help horses live normal lives with grazing muzzles. We're here for you and your horse if anything should come up in the course of your muzzle journey!

    Nancy C.
    New and improved!

    I bought this to replace my old one that I used on 2 different horses over the last 7 yrs or more. I found this one to have some nicer features than the last one and I was a fan of that one too.

    Nancy, we're glad to hear your first GreenGuard muzzle proved so durable, and we're grateful you came back to find the muzzle improved! We are always striving to make tweaks here and there to make things even just a little bit easier or more comfortable for the horses who use our products. Thank you so much for sticking with us all these years. We're so appreciative!

    Saved my horse

    My horse has Laminitis and the only way he could still spend a few hours out with the herd was by using a muzzle. I have used other muzzles in the past, but none of them held up or stayed on well. This halter and grazing basket have been a life saver. Your halter design with all the adjustments makes it so personal to each horse. The quality is excellent and being able to buy specific replacement parts is essential.

    CS, thank you so much for sharing your experience. We designed our halters in-house and worked closely to make adjustments and tweaks to them over the past several years. It's gratifying and moving to hear that our products enable at-risk horses to spend precious hours getting exercise and social time with their friends. Please let us know if you or he ever have any questions or issues. And please send us a photo of him sometime! We love to 'meet' the horses we're doing our best to serve!

    Lisa K.

    This halter makes the muzzle much more stable in that the halter is much more difficult to being removed by rubbing or eliciting a friend. It also stabilizes the muzzle itself by way of the center front strap. I’ve had no issues with it !

    Lisa, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our halter! We worked very hard on the design and made a number of tweaks to it over the years to peform exactly as you describe. You have no idea how gratifying it is to us whenever it is singled out for praise! Please keep in touch with any questions or issues, and thanks so much for trusting your horse's turnout time to GG Equine.