Check out our extensive video library for tutorials on all things muzzle including fitting, sizing, troubleshooting, and more!

Why GreenGuard?

Breathability, durability, and freedom! The shape of the muzzle gives more breathing room around the nostrils. Because the muzzle holds it's shape and is tapered, it does not touch the nose like a more flexible material would. Last but not least, the muzzle has multiple openings, giving the horse the freedom to choose where to graze from. This contributes to more natural grazing behavior. Watch this video to learn more!

Why Square?

Because Air! The square design gives your horse room to breathe with open space around the nostrils. A round design, on the other hand, collapses over the nostrils, which blocks air and makes it more difficult for your horse to breathe.

Why So Many Holes?

Multiple holes give horses options of where to graze from. It also increases airflow and allows water to drain out more easily. "But won't my horse get too much grass with all those holes?!" It may surprise you to know that the GreenGuard muzzle actually restricts intake about the same as other muzzles with a single central hole. How is this possible? Read more about the genius design here.

Having multiple grazing areas in the muzzle also means that it tends to last a lot longer, too, because horses aren't just grazing out of one spot. In fact, we are the only muzzle brand that offers a 1-year warranty because we are confident it is going to last! Many customers have had their muzzles for years, not just a season.

Sizing and Fitting

Muzzles Sizing: GreenGuard muzzle size is based on bit size. Here's everything you need to know.

Muzzle Fitting: Fitting your GreenGuard correctly is essential to proper function. This link will get you started.

Halter Sizing: GG Halters fit differently than traditional halters. Make sure to follow our sizing guide here.

Rubbing Issues

Read through our page on managing and preventing rubs or watch our comprehensive rubbing video tutorial for troubleshooting and solutions.

Escape Artists

Horse escaping from the muzzle or wriggling free from their halter? We can help!

See our comprehensive guide to dealing with "houdini horses."

Waterer Compatibility

New auto waterers are coming out all the time. Check our waterer page for our most current info on compatibility.

For quick reference, the largest GreenGuard muzzle measures 6.25 inches x 6 inches at the base and 7.5 inches on the diagonal.

Muzzles and Tooth Wear

According to the UK's National Equine Welfare Council, all grazing muzzles pose a risk of tooth wear.

We made a comprehensive, in-depth video with everything we know, have learned, and are doing to help combat dental wear for aggressive grazers.

This includes the muzzle inserts that we introduced in 2022. Made from a softer material than the muzzle body, they are purposely designed to wear faster and more gently than the muzzle itself.

Cribbing and Hay

The GreenGuard muzzle was not designed and is not warrantied for cribbing or slowing down hay intake. However, some customers have reported success with these off-label uses.

Please note that we do not guarantee the muzzle for anything other than its use for grass grazing and that use for any other purpose will void the 1-year replacement warranty.


A growing number of donkeys, mini donkeys, mules, hinnies, etc rely on GreenGuard muzzles and GG Equine halters during turnout time. Everything you want to know about sizing, fitting, and troubleshooting is on our dedicated Donkey Page!

Returns & Refunds

Is your horse having trouble adapting to the new muzzle? We have a video tutorial to help you teach your horse to eat through a GreenGuard muzzle.

Our customer service pros have dealt with almost every imaginable problem. They are happy to work with you at any point in your muzzle journey. 

We also realize that every horse is different and what works for one horse may not work for another. So GG Equine has a full 30-day return policy.


We offer a 1-year, one-time replacement warranty on all of our grazing muzzles and hayplay bags. See our warranty page for more information.

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