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    Replacement breakaway straps for GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. Includes 2 replacement straps. New design with stronger buckles, rear and front keepers, and made from genuine leather. 

    Get the most life out of your breakaway leather straps by using electrical tape to cinch the loop. Our tutorial video shows you how we recommend securing your muzzle straps

    SIZING: One size.

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    greenguard grazing muzzle leather straps
    greenguard grazing muzzle replacement strap



    Maximize Your Muzzle Straps

    Just because an item is breakaway, you don't necessarily need it breaking away on day one. Loopy straps can get caught on just about anything. Get the most out of your leather muzzle straps by using the back keepers and electrical tape to secure any open loops or strap tails. Our tutorial video shows you our best practices.

    Moving On from Leather?

    Quality horse tack is made from and synonymous with leather. Right? Tradition is a fine thing, but when a leather strap breaks away, it is useless!

    We developed Hook and Loop (read: "Velcro") muzzle straps to give you and your horse the benefits of breakaway tack, but also to give you the ability to reuse the same straps through multiple breakages (heaven forbid). We advertise them as corner straps, but they work great as regular straps too!

    Check out our reusable hook and loop straps.

    Have Questions? Reach Out!

    If you have a query that isn't answered by the full tutorial video, feel free to ask us! Just send an email to

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Amy K.
    Great products

    Have been using GG muzzles for 3 years and on 3 mares. I really like them and my mares don’t hate them. Replacement straps are great to have on hand.

    Amy, we're so moved to hear that you have had such a positive experience over the past 3 years with our muzzles. As for as the mares, 'not hating them' is basically a rave, and we'll take tolerating a muzzle every day. Thanks for ensuring they stay safe and cozy in them by having some replacement straps ready to hand!

    Andrea D.
    GG Horse Muzzle + Replacement Parts

    Have been really pleased with muzzles and spare parts purchased last year and currently. The Houdini parts especially. Service is tops! Glad to support women-owned businesses. We gals need to support each other….

    Andrea, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Weather and use can really take their toll on those breakaway pieces of the set up over time. As a woman-owned small business, we really appreciate every purchase, every comment, and every time you tell your friends and fellow horse owners about us. It means the world to us!

    Rachael C.

    Just bought replacement straps for the muzzle. I absolutely love that I can put on new straps and extend the life of the muzzle. I bought mine 2 years ago and this is the second set of straps, not to bad I'd say. The muzzle is still going strong!

    We're so pleased to hear your original straps proved so durable, Rachael, and that your muzzle is holding up to regular use! If you ever have issues with the second, we heartily recommend the 'Hook and Loop' (read: 'Velcro') strap and electrical tape set. They're super easy to reuse and reattach when they break away!

    I love these muzzles!

    But what matters more than what I think is that the horses like them too. The horses are able to be on pasture, breath freely, even on hot days, and drink water easily. They are helping our IR horse maintain a healthy weight and helped our 14yo shed some extra pounds. I also really like how the inserts make them customizable to the needs of each horse and to the changing pasture conditions. Also, their customer assistance is amazing!
    Thank you!

    Ann, thank you so much for your thoughtful review. You're 100% right; making sure that horses are comfortable and easy in them is the most important thing to us, and has been ever since our founder tried a GreenGuard muzzle on her own heart-horse for the first time some 10 years ago and it changed both of their lives. Please keep in touch with our customer support if you or your horses ever run into any issues!

    Patricia D.

    Good strong straps